CompanyCam software has revolutionized how landscape contractors work, allowing them to easily document jobs and communicate with crews. Using this photo sharing platform, companies within the BBP Network can take unlimited photos that are stamped by time and location and sent immediately to the cloud for secure storage.

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Rainbow Ecoscience

Rainbow Ecoscience serves the Green Industry as a leader in plant health care support, training, and innovative treatment solutions for urban ecosystems. For more than 20 years, Rainbow Ecoscience has been devoted to research and the development of predictable management protocols


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Steven Bach is a Business Intermediary for RB Ames, LLC, a Pittsburgh-based business brokerage.  In this role, Steven actively works with business owners looking to buy or sell their business via a formal process that involves business valuation, vetting and marketing.  This additional service offering complements his coaching services where he works with business owners on financial plan redemption and long-term strategic and financial planning.  Partnering with these same companies as they transition ownership or expand their business portfolio is a natural next step.


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Safety Consultant William Bach

As a Safety Consultant, William Bach provides customized consultative services to Bach Business Partner clients. His background includes more than 13 years of safety, quality and environmental management in the industrial sector.


William conducts on-site safety OSHA-style audits for green industry clients, recommending corrective action for non-conformance in any areas.  He works with contractors to develop customized safety programs and procedures, providing recommendations on how to achieve OSHA compliancy mandates and mitigate injuries through procedures, reporting and safety training.

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