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Our approach is holistic – we look at your entire organization as a means of better understanding areas of inefficiency or ineffectiveness.   We address the four core functions that are common to all small businesses: People and Resources, Tracking and Financial Performance, Growing and Sustaining Customer Relationships, and the pursuit of continuous improvement, aka “Always Getting Better.” With a proven track record of helping clients to consistently put 10-15% to their bottom line, President Steven Bach and his team are qualified to help you take your business to the next level.

Working with the BBP Coaching team, business owners can expect

An Executive-level Focus on long-term strategic planning and financial plan redemption

Sales Coaching tailored to the unique needs of your business

Financial Planning Coaching focused on minimizing cash flow concerns and improving the bottom line

Best-in-class Financial Planning Software, Champion Insights, developed specifically for the green industry to address the planning, tracking, and reporting needs of owners, senior managers, and department heads. 


Proven Systems and Processes that create a sound operational foundation


Staffing and Resource Management Tools that attract and retain the right people for the right roles on your team

“What I appreciate most about Steve is that he meets us where we are.  His approach is not standardized. He has always focused on our unique needs and tailors the game plan to help us achieve our goals and get us where we need to be. This is invaluable as our company grows and expands to new territories.” 

Greg Shaw, President

Southern Scape, LLC

Huntsville & Madison, AL; Nashville, TN

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