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Business Consultation

A True Partnership

There's a difference between a coach and a partner.

A coach has authority. A coach has all the plays and is responsible for delivering motivation, skills and tactics. But, a coach largely remains on the sidelines. At Bach Business Partners, we’re vested in your success and “get in the game,” so to speak, with you and your team to produce the best business outcomes.

In a true partnership, both parties bring value to the equation. Steven Bach and his team recognize that you are an expert in your respective industry. Whether it’s landscaping services, printing, catering or construction services, it’s the business owner and his team that possess that core skills and technical knowledge. Bach Business Partners is the expert in business efficiency and growth. Regardless of the industry or customer base, the core business principles that guide your day-to-day operations are universal. Recognizing the strengths that each party brings to the table, Bach Business Partners works alongside you to achieve real progress against your business goals.

Personal Attention

Hiring Bach Business Partners means hiring Steve.

Through in-person meetings and phone conversations, he and his team of coaches apply personal experience and a proven track record of success to growing your business. Not only do they become well-acquainted with you and your team, but they also takes pride in using their partnership role to help your business reach key milestones.

Business Meeting

Customized Approach

What they know for sure is that business problems are complex.

Through years of experience, the Bach Business Partners team has learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. A consultant might sell a one-size-fits-all, “quick fix” solution to solve common issues such as declining sales numbers. But Steve and his team aren’t interested in quick fixes. Instead, they focus on establishing a firm business foundation through long-term partnerships with owners that are interested in uncovering the real issues.

But that doesn’t mean paying for a string of services that you may not need. Bach Business Partners invests time in understanding your issues, and then works directly with business owners to establish a customized, long-term strategy that addresses unique business needs, focuses on your goals and fits within your budget.

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