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Bach Business Partners helps small businesses achieve growth by maximizing the core functions of your business.

People and Resources

People are one of your most valuable assets, that’s likely how you got your start – YOU. Growth means adding the right people in the right roles. It’s about identifying the critical roles that make up your business and clearly defining them. As your business partner, Steve and his team will guide you in establishing role definitions and the critical skills needed for success and advancement within the organization. He’ll also help you assess your existing team and identify their strengths. Ultimately, a person operating in a well-defined role results in less stress and work for you. And, a well-defined internal structure results in long-term satisfaction for the team members, reducing turnover and the associated financial and time costs.


Equipment and material resources are another vital part of your operation. Together, we will analyze and determine if your resources are working for you or against you. By identifying the regular peaks and valleys of your business (seasonal fluctuations, busy times, etc.), adjustments can be made that will allow you to remain profitable while navigating the continuous changes of your market.


Tracking and Financials

The right tracking program will help to keep you and your team continuously informed. Bach Business Partners utilizes ProfitLion, a proprietary software designed to track daily activities from the early stages of prospecting and sales all the way through the delivery of service. The ProfitLion software provides a window on your operations for your entire team, adding a new level of accountability and efficiency to your operation. No more wondering where things stand, misjudging costs, production timelines or profitability. This powerful tool eliminates departmental barriers and establishes better communication across-the-board.


ProfitLion is also a strong financial tracking tool for business owners, General Managers and department heads. Based on real-time data, it provides an accurate look at the sales pipeline for the purpose of resource planning and cash flow projections. It provides a clear snapshot of both profit and revenue. It also tracks weekly, monthly and year-to-date progress against all aspects of the financial plan, allowing you to promptly and efficiently make course corrections to meet your goals instead of waiting for end of year surprises.

Growing and Sustaining Customers

Sales. Every business needs them. Creating and owning your sales and marketing strategy is critical. Retaining customers is critical. How do you do them both and do them well? Bach Business Partners works closely with your sales team to create and implement the right strategy. (Did we mention tracking?) Steve and his team also helps identify the best sales professionals for your team and develop incentive programs that will keep them motivated all year long.

Always Getting Better

Competition will always be there. Capture market share and stay ahead by creating an internal culture of continuous improvement.   But that is a tough task for most businesses who are largely (and rightfully) focused on meeting the day-to-day demands of customers. How do you make time to assess internal processes and create a workplace where people want to come and give their best every day? The Bach Business Partners team plays a critical role in not only identifying ways to be more efficient and effective, but also helping you to implement change and measure results. (Did we mention tracking?

"We have worked with Steve for many years.  He has served as our business coach and guided us as we saw our company grow fourfold.  He gives us a unique business perspective and provides feedback on a constant basis that keeps us on a steady growth path."

Stuart Ward, Owner & General Manager

Buckhead Turfcare

Atlanta, GA

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