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A tenet of Bach Business Partners coaching is continuous improvement as training and development are cornerstones of building an exceptional team. As a Bach Business Partners client, you and your team will benefit from ongoing role-specific training delivered via webinar and in-person training events. Keep an eye on our calendar for a list of upcoming events.

Bach Business Partners holds quarterly in-person training events for business owners, general managers, sales professional, account and project managers. 

See our full training schedule here. 


Role-specific webinars are held monthly and allow for in-depth discussion on topics, issues and processes specific to each group.

See our list of upcoming webinars here. 


Our in-person events create a dynamic environment for comaraderie, professional development, sharing of best practices, continuous learning and fun! 

Join us at our next event. Learn more here. 


“As a small, family-owned business we do not have a professionally trained management staff. We utilize the expertise of Steven Bach to bridge this gap. Our goal is to run our business so that it no longer runs us!” 

Sean Currie, President

Currie Systems

Huntsville AL

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